Optikos Announces New Meridian® FLEX Camera Testing Platform at Photonics West 2018

Meridian® FLEX

Meridian® FLEX


San Francisco, CA USA, January 30, 2018—Optikos Corporation introduced its most advanced camera testing platform—Meridian® FLEX (Patent Pending)—at the SPIE Photonics West tradeshow opening today.

The FLEX platform is designed around a high-speed, high-precision robot that can place a target at any specified field point in a variety of configurations—making it flexible enough for R&D testing, and rapid enough for production camera testing.

Camera manufacturers and integrators in industries that rely on short focal length, small aperture cameras, such as automotive, cell phone, webcam and drone surveillance now have a powerful and flexible tool to measure test setups from a few to hundreds of field points in less than a second per field position.

Separate Cartesian and spherical polar coordinate systems allow precise target pointing, and the Meridian® FieldPoint Software performs the calculations for seamless coordinate transforms. The robot then either points the target projector at the Device Under Test (DUT) or points the DUT at the target projector with high precision. Split configurations that assign one motion axis to the DUT and one to the target projector are also supported. The standard optical source for testing is a Meridian® Focusing Target Projector (FTP), which is used in the measurement of Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) and geometric imaging parameters such as distortion.

The FLEX platform
High quality imaging performance in cameras is mandatory in applications such as automotive safety systems, and the Meridian FLEX platform is uniquely designed to meet and surpass these requirements.To learn more, see the Meridian FLEX and FTP demos at Photonics West, Optikos Booth #1041 through Thursday, February 1st, or see contact details below.
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