NIT launches a new product: WiDy SenS camera.

WiDy SenS camera

WiDy SenS camera



WiDy SenS camera’s exclusive pixel structure combines a linear and logarithmic response, leading to the best trade-off on the market between high sensitivity and high dynamic range (>120 dB). This product is efficient to deal with fast variations of illumination conditions.

This ability to adapt to specific environments is used in several applications, such as surveillance. You will find WiDy SenS cameras, for example, in gimbals and UAV to fly over different environments and deal with all the fast illumination changes.

Other applications will be microscopy, laser beam profiling, etc.

Key features:

  •  High quantum efficiency (>70%) from 900 to 1700 nm
  •  Frame rate up to 350 fps full frame
  •  VGA resolution (640x512)
  •  Available with USB 3.0 output
  •  TEC option

Find out more detailed information here.