SMARTEK Vision’s “twentynine” Camera Family Now Features the Latest SONY Pregius CMOS Global Shutter Sensors in both 9 MP and 12 MP Formats

SMARTEK Vision’s Camera

SMARTEK Vision’s “twentynine” Camera


Munich, September 27, 2017 – SMARTEK Vision is launching six new models of its twentynine camera series with the latest SONY Pregius 9 Megapixel and 12 Megapixel CMOS Global Shutter image sensors. The new twentynine cameras feature the SONY IMX253, IMX255, IMX267 and IMX304 sensors, and combine high-resolution with the benefits of the 2nd-generation SONY Pregius technology in a very small form factor. These new models open new possibilities to fast and affordable Machine Vision applications and Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS). The SMARTEK Vision’s UCC and GCC models support USB3 and GigE Vision, and are available from the prominent imaging distributor, FRAMOS.

The SMARTEK Vision twentynine cameras bring a powerful platform into a very small form factor of 29 mm x 29 mm, and comes with standard connectivity, enhanced processing capabilities, and a flexible customization concept.

These new cameras with SONY Pregius Sensors allow imaging customers to leverage the excellent Global Shutter technology for detailed moving scenes in very high resolution. The unique analog structure enables a low light performance with industry leading low noise and high quantum efficiency for maximum sensitivity. André Brela, Product Manager for the SMARTEK Vision line at FRAMOS highlights the benefits of the latest SONY Pregius design-in for their new twentynine UCC and GCC camera models: 

“With the 9 and 12MP Pregius sensors, SONY extends the range of applications, significantly benefiting from excellent 2nd generation Pregius technology, into the high-resolution range, including smooth 4K video capturing, e.g. for measuring tasks. With the twentynine series, SMARTEK Vision now integrates these sensors in their very small 29x29 foot print. This enables clients to significantly extend their overall system performance at minimal effort by using existing mechanical concepts, or to increase the level of miniaturization. In an optimal combination, SMARTEK Vision offers the camera family as an easy-to-adapt platform enabling quick and cost-effective customer-specific solutions.”

SMARTEK Vision’s Camera

SMARTEK Vision’s UCC4111 camera with SONY’s IMX255 sensor and the UCC4113 camera featuring the IMX253 sensor provide frame rates of 42 or 32 fps, respectively, making them very fast, high-resolution cameras. They are an excellent fit for moving machine vision applications that support seamless high-resolution images, without any shutter artifacts like smearing or blurring, in addition to the high-speed UBS3 interface. The models UCC/GCC4112 and UCC/GCC4114 feature SONY’s IMX267 and IMX304 sensors respectively, and provide the same strengths and imaging performance with slower frames rates. These models are more affordable, and support Machine Vision and ITS applications perfectly.

All new models will be ready-to-ship by end of October, 2017. The FRAMOS industry and product experts, with an extensive knowledge from sensor to system, provide additional services like development support, engineering, and logistics to support customers with both the SMARTEK Vision’s twentynine camera family, and the new SONY Pregius sensors for their imaging applications and projects.