RazerCam Smart Camera now with 4 MPixel

RazerCam Smart Camera by EVT

RazerCam Smart Camera by EVT


January 27, 2015

The RazerCam Smart Camera by EVT is now also as 4 Megapixel typ available. Therefore the user can go into more details. The RazerCam is equipped with a DualCore ARM CORTEX A9 processor, a frame rate of up to 60 fps as well as 10 free-programmable in- and outputs. Also the camera has a Linux operating system, 1 GB DDR 3 and industrial field busses such as CAN, RS485 and Ethernet.

A clear advantage for the user is the user-programmable FPGA, which is easy-to-handle with the VisualApplets by SiliconSoftware. Therefore the FPGA can be programmed with graphical tools. The camera therefore offers efficient image capture and preprocessing possibilities.

The applications for the RazerCam are manifold, for example not only industrial automation but also control systems, machine vision, robot vision and automated guided vehicle systems.

The camera, despite small in size, with a robust housing contains powerful processing possibilities and is based on the XILINX ZYNQ SoC. The RazerCam offers a compact image processing system for the industrial environment.

The system is available with the EVT lib. as well as with the EyeVision software.