No More Motion Blur

The Lambert Instruments HiCATT

The Lambert Instruments HiCATT


February 24, 2015

High-speed cameras are great for recording highly dynamic events. Experts in ballistics research, combustion analysis and in-vivo imaging require fast cameras for their work. The high frame rates give them unprecedented insight into what happens in the blink of an eye.

But even the best high-speed cameras have their limits. In some situations even the fastest cameras are not fast enough. Objects move too fast or emit too little light to produce a crisp image. The result is a dim or blurry picture that hardly contains any useful information.


These situations call for a high-tech solution that offers extremely short exposure times or extreme light sensitivity. With an image intensifier you can use its gating feature to achieve exposure times down to 3 ns, completely eliminating motion blur. With such a short exposure time, even very fast objects can be imaged clearly. And because the image intensifier amplifies the recorded light, you don't have to worry about underexposure.

The Lambert Instruments HiCATT upgrades your high-speed camera to the next level of performance. It is compatible with any high-speed camera and all popular lens mounts. Its image intensifier component is carefully selected to match your desired frame rate and light sensitivity. Our custom software lets you control the exposure time and the gain of the HiCATT to find the right settings for your application.

Engineers and researchers around the world use the HiCATT to study bullet trajectories, combustion processes in fuel injection engines, and voltage sensitive dyes in living tissue. Find out more about HiCATT applications and technical information.