ISG is the first firm to Announce the New SONY IMX250 Pregius Global shutter based LightWise™ Allegro USB3 Camera.

LightWise Allegro USB3

LightWise Allegro USB3


May 06, 2015

The new LightWise Allegro USB3 SONY IMX250 based cameras deliver excellent image quality and high speed performance.  A variety of applications will be improved using this camera.   

The SONY IMX250 Pregius™ CMOS Image Sensor delivers unparalleled image quality with extremely low-noise with a global shutter.  It has 2464 x 2056 resolution (5.1Mp) and can run at up to 100 fps in 12-bit mode or 150 fps in 8-bit mode.  These features are implemented in the LightWise™ Allegro USB3 Camera and are available now by calling ISG.  Available in color or monochrome.

Unique features differentiate these cameras from the competition, such as the ISG Image Pipeline, large on-board FPGA & 256MB of extra memory.

Since LightWise cameras are easier to integrate, you will get your OEM vision systems to market faster and with better performance.

The cameras support the USB3 Vision™ standard, have triggers & strobes, Analog & Digital Gain Control, Auto-Exposure, ROI & binning capabilities and are available with a C-Mount or as a board level solution.

“The SONY IMX250 global shutter image sensor in our LightWise™ cameras offer best-in-class image quality in low light conditions, very high frame rates at a very reasonable cost,” according to Kerry Van Iseghem, Co-Founder at Imaging Solutions Group.

The Imaging Solutions Group offers many different custom camera platforms offering a wide variety of interfaces, functions and programmability. This family is designed for low cost machine vision & microscopy applications.


About Imaging Solutions Group of New York, Inc.:

Imaging Solutions Group, a privately held NY Company, is the leader in the design and manufacture of high-resolution intelligent machine vision and custom designed cameras. With over 24 years of video design experience, the Imaging Solutions Group product design team has accumulated an impressive array of intellectual property that they use to rapidly develop new products. Imaging Solutions Group is located in the Rochester, NY suburb of Fairport, NY in the Finger Lakes Region of NY. For more information visit http://www.ISGCameras.com/