Real-time Laue Single Crystal Orientation Tool

Real time Laue CCD camera system for single and bulk crystal orientation

Sapphire bulk orientation measurement

Sapphire bulk orientation measurement


December 10, 2014

The single crystal Laue Orientation Tool uses a unique back scattered detector geometry and provides real time alignment facilities down to +/-0.02 degree accuracy. Configured for small crystals (horizontal setup) or bulk crystals / wafers (vertical setup), the system also allows mapping, scanning routines for texture analysis on polycrystalline samples. The Turnkey Digital Laue detector allows high throughput crystal characterisation with automatic sample positioning. Adaptors for saw cutting, for easy transfer of single crystals from the Laue system to a wire saw available.

The system enables real time crystal orientation by recording live digital backscattered LAUE diffraction patterns.

It allows very fine crystal alignment down to 0.2 degree accuracy using our standard Laue orientation tool.

0.02 degree misalignment can be measured using our microdiffraction set up.

Combined with motorised single crystal rotation / translation, the system brings simpler and more flexible ingot and raw crystal orientation routines before and after cutting / slicing procedures.

The system is delivered with a user friendly graphical user interface which will index diffraction patterns from known crystal structures.

Sapphire wafer orientation measurement
Sapphire wafer orientation measurement

An automatic software routine will derive orientation / misalignment of sapphire, silicon, YAG and other materials which undergo high throughput production.

The system comes as a tunrkey solution or as an upgrade to existing Polaroid Laue set up.

  • Real-time Crystal Orientation down to 0.2 degree
  • Misalignment measurement down to 0.02 degree
  • Laue Indexation software
  • Turnkey solution, custom upgrade for existing system

Real-Time Automatic Laue Crystal Orientation Software

Indexation of C axis Sapphire bulk crystal
Indexation of C axis Sapphire bulk crystal

Intuitive software detects LAUE diffraction spots and calculates spot position against a reference crystal : peak finding > 100 spots, distance sapphire core to detector : 24.3 mm

  • Misalignment on Alpha : 0.16 degree
  • Misalignment on Beta : -0.04 degree
  • Misalignment on Gamma : -1.08 degree

LAUE images

LAUE images
Top left: Tungsten Laue orientation measurement
Top right: SiC Laue orientation measurement
Bottom left: Laue 001 diamond substrate orientation
Bottom right: Laue 011 diamond substrate orientation