Now Available: Leica DMS300 With an Incident Light Base / New Instructional Videos on Leica DMS300

Leica Microsystems Offers More Accessories, Tipps and Tricks Around Their Digital Microscope System Without Eyepieces

Leica DMS300

The digital microscope Leica DMS300 with a 10’’ HDMI monitor instead of eyepieces


September 12, 2013

Heerbrugg, Switzerland. After launching the Leica DMS300, a digital microscope system without eyepieces, in March 2013, Leica Microsystems now adds to its accessories and gives more hands-on advice. The Leica DMS300 is now available with an incident light base in addition to a boom stand outfit, so users now have a choice of two bases for their system. The incident light base is an ideal accessory for the inspection of smaller samples. With its small footprint it easily fits on any workstation or desk.

Leica Microsystems has preperad nine videos with detailed information on the operation of the Leica DMS300 digital microscope system. The topics range from assembly of the system via explanations of the various menus through to remote control functions. “We show how easily the Leica DMS300 can actually be operated,” says Clinton Smith, Product Manager, Leica Microsystems. “Users get hands-on advice on how to adjust color settings, how to define camera parameters such as exposure time, date and file name or how to view images and play videos that have been saved on the SD card.” The videos are available here: http://www.leica-microsystems.com/products/stereo-microscopes-macroscopes/macroscopes/details/product/leica-dms300/showcase/

The Leica DMS300 is a digital microscope system with an HDMI monitor instead of eyepieces. Users profit from fast live image display and acquisition as the Leica DMS300 acquires color images as well as Full HD movies with up to 30fps. It is equipped with 8:1 optical zoom and a 2.5MP camera.

Details on the Leica DMS300 http://www.leica-microsystems.com/products/stereo-microscopes-macroscopes/macroscopes/details/product/leica-dms300/

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