BaySpec’s MovingLab Dual-band Transportable Microscope

BaySpec MovingLab

BaySpec's MovingLab


July 05, 2013

As a portable, affordable instrument that is ideal for easy transport into the field or for mobile forensics work, the new innovative product- MovingLabTM Transportable Microscope is offering a dual-band option versions (any two of 532, 785 and 1064 nm). With BaySpec’s unique dispersive 1064nm excitation option which allows for reduced fluorescence interference MovingLabTM Transportable Microscope can provide unprecedented flexibility and versatility for both laboratory and field measurement.

BaySpec’s MovingLab™ bundles an epi-illumination microscope with highly efficient Volume Phase Grating (VPG®) as the spectral dispersion element and an optimally cooled scientific grade detector array (532/785nm CCD or 1064nm InGaAs) as the detection element. Integrated with onboard battery and computer, the whole package is less than 20 pounds but provides high optical performance and Raman resolution. In addition, a simplified user interface is allows for basic users to easily verify sample ID, automate background subtraction and baseline correction, set integration times and configure user libraries.

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