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Example Image- Neutron Imaging Camera

Example Image- Neutron Imaging Camera


Norwich, UK and Grenoble, France: Artemis CCD Limited, a leading manufacturer of cooled CCD cameras is delighted to announce the supply of OEM grade cooled CCD cameras to NeutronOptics for the application of Neutron imaging.

Neutron imaging compliments x-ray radiography, especially for materials opaque to x-rays or where damage may occur. In both cases a "scintillator" film is used to convert the radiation to visible light that can then be imaged with a camera. But unlike x-rays, neutrons penetrate heavy metals, and even lead, to reveal structural details that are otherwise invisible, yet they are strongly scattered by light atoms such as hydrogen. So Neutron imaging can also reveal hidden details of the structure of organic materials such as paintings and tissues. Monochrome, cooled CCD cameras such as the 1.4MPixel TS14 and 4MPixel LF40+ have been shown to be ideal detectors for Neutron imaging.

Dr Alan Hewat, founder of NeutronOptics commented: Artemis CCD Cameras® are perfect for my application. The requirements for Neutron imaging are similar to those for low light optical imaging, where Artemis CCD has extensive experience - low read noise, ease of integration and cost effectiveness. We customise Neutron imaging systems to our clients' specification, and I particularly appreciate our personal relationship with Artemis CCD, with immediate technical advice, assistance and rapid delivery.

Steve Chambers, CEO of Artemis CCD commented: ‘I’m always excited to discover new applications for our products and I’m very pleased to support Dr Hewat with his work in Neutron imaging. Our OEM service is allows us the flexibility to take standard low noise cameras such as the TS14 and LF40+ and readily adapt them to Dr Hewat’s exact requirements.’

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