IE introduces new products based on iQ-LED technology




Feb. 17, 2014

Image Engineering present their first products which they have been working with this innovative illumination technology.

From now on, time consuming and cost-intensive procedures for the calibration and characterization of cameras and image sensors are a thing of the past. Users will benefit from the homogeneous light distribution on the test target, and the possibility to automatically and instantly change the pre-defined standard illuminant types.

Test chart illumination par excellence with various standard spectra

IE offers the basic version (with two iQ-LED elements) and in addition to that a new version with 4 iQ-LEDs for very high illumination levels is avaiable as well.

In addition, IE also present the CAL1: The one light source solution in the field of camera characterization and calibration.

The CAL1 calibration light source is designed to characterize and calibrate cameras in the lab or on the production line. Its compact design consists of one iQ-LED element in a 0.3 m integrating sphere that illuminates a 70 mm opening. Because of the non-reflective special diffusor filter on the sphere opening, a uniformity of more than 98% could be reached. The CAL1 with its integrated micro spectrometer is controlled by the easy-to-use iQ-LED control software or, if upgraded with the iQ-LED C++ API, it can be integrated in your individual test procedures.

For spectral sensitivity measurements, the CAL1 allows the individual activation of each of the 20 narrow band color channels. The main purposes of the CAL1 are camera calibration defective pixels, determination luminance and color shading measurement, exposure adjustment, spectral sensitivity determination and many more.

Because of the very short response time of the iQ-LED, a full calibration can be performed in less than second, if the image processing and transfer in the camera is fast enough.

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