Basler pylon 4 Camera Software Suite now available

The newest version of the pylon Camera Software Suite, pylon 4, now also supports the Basler ace cameras with USB 3.0 interface and Windows 8.

Basler pylon 4

Basler pylon 4


Ahrensburg, 26 July 2013–The pylon 4 Camera Software Suite offered by Basler is an extensive software package that allows you to quickly start up a Basler camera with all its features. The latest release now supports pylon 4 USB3 Vision and Windows 8.

Basler pylon 4 includes:

• All drivers necessary to establish the various camera interface standards (USB3 Vision, GigE Vision, IEEE1394, Camera Link),

• a complete software development kit (SDK) with numerous programming examples and current programming languages, and

• an easy-to-use tool, which lets the user develop his own camera application with just a few lines of code.

Because the programming interface offered by pylon is uniform for all Basler cameras, regardless of which camera interface is used, the existing programming code can be used without modification for Basler USB3 Vision cameras as well. Basler pylon 4 is also the first version to provide official support for Windows, inclusive Windows 8 and Linux.

The new pylon 4 Camera Software Suite can be downloaded free of charge from the Basler website at www.baslerweb.com.

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