Edmund Optics® Launches New Ultrafast Enhanced Silver Coatings

Ultrafast Enhanced Coating

Ultrafast Enhanced Coating. Photo: Ultrafast Enhanced Coating


(PresseBox) (Mainz, 06.02.20)  Edmund Optics® (EO), leading provider of optical and imaging components, has launched a new reflective Ultrafast Enhanced Silver Coating ideal for ultrafast laser applications. It is highly customizable and can be used for build-to-print ultrafast components. In addition, a variety of off-the-shelf products featuring the coating are currently available.

Ideal for Ultrafast Systems

The new Ultrafast Enhanced Silver Coating is ideal for low-to-medium power ultrafast lasers and features an average reflectivity > 99% from 600-1000 nm at a 0° AOI, as well as R> 99% from 540-1000 nm and R> 98,5% from 730-870 nm at a 45° AOI.

The coating’s group delay dispersion (GDD) is 0 ± 20 fs2 from 600-1050 nm at a 0° AOI. This is  particularly beneficial for minimizing the propagation time difference caused by chromatic aberration and the temporal spreading of ultrafast laser pulses.

The coating also features typical laser induced damage thresholds (LIDTs) of:

  •  0,3 J/cm2, 100 Hz, 48fs FWHM, 800 nm, S-Pol, 1 pulse
  • 0,16 J/cm2, 100 Hz, 48fs FWHM, 800 nm, S-Pol, 1000 pulses

Highly Customizable

The standard Ultrafast Enhanced Silver Coating from EO was designed for titanium-sapphire ultrafast lasers, but the design wavelength can be customized for different ultrafast lasers such as ytterbium-doped lasers. The ability to customize, along with the flexibility to use many different substrate materials, provides many options to tailor the coating for your exact requirements.

Off-the-Shelf Options Available with Same-Day Shipping

Edmund Optics offers standard, off-the-shelf products including Flat MirrorsConcave Mirrors, and Reflective Beam Expanders with Ultrafast Enhanced Silver Coatings. All are in stock and available for same-day shipping.

To learn more about EO’s full range of ultrafast optics, please visit our website.

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