TECHSPEC® Divergent Adjustable Broadband Beam Expanders with a 2 µm Design Wavelength

TECHSPEC® DA Fixed Broadband Beam Expanders

TECHSPEC® DA (Divergence Adjustable) Fixed Broadband Beam Expanders


April 26, 2018, Mainz, Germany - Edmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, introduces TECHSPEC® DA (Divergent Adjustable) Fixed Broadband Beam Expanders. These compact beam expanders are optimized at a wide range of wavelengths for maximum flexibility, making them ideal for use with demanding tunable laser sources. They feature a 1940 nm design wavelength to compliment lasers with wavelengths from 1900-2100 nm, which are ideal for highly precise applications including medical surgery and plastic processing because of their unique absorption characteristics and ability to create very small and precise cuts in both biological tissue and plastics with minimal localized heating.

Offered in low and high power versions

TECHSPEC® DA Broadband Beam Expanders are available in high and low power models with 2X and 3X magnifications. Low power models feature standard 7980 Fused Silica while high power models feature 7979 Fused Silica substrates to ensure minimal IR absorption within the substrate. A threaded barrel divergence adjustment compensates for input beam divergence. These beam expanders are coated for 1900 - 2100 nm performance. They are easily integrated into prototype and advanced applications, and maintain the highest quality across the adjustment range. TECHSPEC® DA Fixed Broadband Beam Expanders are ideally suited for medical laser applications using highly tunable Thulium and Holmium sources.

Designs achieve λ/10 transmitted wavefront error

TECHSPEC® DA Broadband Beam Expanders offer λ/10 transmitted wavefront error and are manufactured using a fused silica substrate with excellent optical and thermal performance and stability. These optics feature broadband anti-reflection and laser line V-coatings for transmission >99%. RoHS Compliant TECHSPEC® DA Broadband Beam Expanders are in-stock and available for immediate delivery.