Newest miniature M3-LS Linear Smart Stage has longer travel, higher load capacity for embedded microscopes and other precision micro positioning tasks

Latest addition to “all-in-one” microstage stage family moves >100 gram loads with 500 nm resolution over 15 mm travel




Victor, NY – May 30, 2017 – New Scale Technologies, Inc. (www.newscaletech.com) today announced its M3-LS-3.4-15 Linear Smart Stage, a direct-drive precision piezoelectric micro stage with embedded controller designed for integration into compact OEM instruments. The newest smart stage is a higher-force, longer-travel addition to the company’s M3-LS line of all-in-one micro stages with built-in controllers.

The M3-LS-3.4-15 has a 100-gram capacity for vertical loads and 200-gram capacity for horizontal loads. It has a 15 mm travel range and 500 nm position resolution for precise, repeatable positioning of optics, probes, sensors and more.  It features absolute encoding so that there is no need to home the stage on power-up, eliminating errors and disruptions in processes and experiments. The stage has high stiffness with no gears or backlash.

With low acoustic noise and no high voltage, the M3-LS smart stage is superior to piezo inertia (stick-slip) stages, especially when embedded in near-patient instruments and wearable devices.

All electronics are completely integrated in the 32 x 32 x 11 mm stage housing. No external controller is needed, making the overall system size significantly smaller than traditional piezo stages. The embedded controller also simplifies integration of the smart stage into OEM instruments. The user provides simple high-level motion commands directly to the stage from the system controller via standard serial interface (I2C or SPI). An optional USB adapter allows direct connection to a PC.

With 6 VDC input, the M3-LS-3.4-15 Linear Smart Stage can be powered by batteries or any low-cost DC supply. The internal SQUIGGLE® motor holds position with no power, and a sleep mode further reduces power consumption by the electronics.

M3-LS Smart Stages are ideal for adding embedded motion to hand-held, mobile, portable and battery-powered instruments including embedded microscopes and spectroscopy systems. These tiny stages can add smart positioning to automation tools, biomedical probes, sampling systems, unmanned air vehicles, micro optics, miniature camera systems and more.

M3-LS stages are easily assembled into two-axis and three-axis systems.

For complete specifications visit New Scale: http://www.newscaletech.com/micro-mechatronics/m3-linear-stages.php 
or download the data sheet http://www.newscaletech.com/doc_downloads/M3-LS-3_4-datasheet.pdf

Price and availability

DK-M3-LS-3.4-15 Developer’s Kits include one M3-LS-3.4-15 Linear Smart Stage, USB adapter and breakout board, power supply, New Scale Pathway™ software and accessories. Developer’s Kits available for $2,500 from New Scale.

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