Latest innovation will launch at FORMNEXT – high-speed AM manufacturing thanks to 4 AM MODULEs working in parallel




Wessling, Germany, 1st November 2017 At FORMNEXT in Frankfurt, RAYLASE will be presenting a range of new laser deflection units that make existing laser applications significantly more productive and make new applications possible. The units will be showcased at Stand B88 in hall 3.0.

The trade fair will mark the premiere of the AM-MODULE NEXT GEN, which represents an enhancement of the innovative AM-MODULE. Additive manufacturing of ultra-high precision components in the aerospace industry, automotive manufacturing and medical engineering are all natural applications for this highly integrative high-performance module. The two integrated sensors in the sensor-module (available on request) enable customized quality control, as well as process monitoring with autonomous focusing. The AM-MODULE NEXT GEN guarantees uniform power distribution across the workpiece, optimal beam position stability and exceptionally dynamic beam guidance. The highlight on show at the RAYLASE stand will undoubtedly be the parallel construction of four am modules. Visitors to the stand will be treated to a demonstration of how using several modules simultaneously can produce a massive increase in productivity.

Also likely to draw the crowds is the new AXIALSCAN-30 DIGITAL 3-axis laser deflection unit, which demonstrates its strengths in the field of additive manufacturing in particular. The deflection unit is extremely flexible to use because it allows fields from 100 mm x 100 mm all the way up to 1,800 mm x 1,800 mm to be processed with the smallest spot sizes. The unit comprises the 2-axis SUPERSCAN IV and the new digital linear translator module, the LT-II-15. The key benefits it offers are ultra-high speed, maximum precision and dynamic responses. In addition, the LT-II-15 guarantees a high degree of long-term stability and exceptionally low drift values at 20 bit position resolution. The greatly reduced power loss in the electronics and the minimized heat development that occurs as a result mean that the need for water cooling is eliminated in many cases. The AXIALSCAN-30 DIGITAL can be configured with special tuning options for individual requirements. A large number of mirror substrates and coatings are provided for this purpose, as well as input apertures of 10, 15 and 30 mm. A 20 mm size will also be available as of the end of November 2017.

The SP-ICE-3 control card is a universal solution for all laser systems with deflection units. With the 20 bit protocol RL3-100, the SP-ICE-3 can be used to control up to 5 axes in the AM-MODULE NEXT GEN. This makes it ideal for additive manufacturing and other challenging laser applications. It can also be used as an external control card via Gigabit Ethernet.


RAYLASE offers high-precision components for fast deflection and modulation of laser beams. These comprise top-quality optical elements, galvanometer scanners and control electronics with an intuitive software interface. Customers across the globe rely on the unique performance and reliability of our deflection units. These components form the cornerstone of industrial laser systems for scanning printed codes, marking textiles and surfaces, welding metal plates and plastics, and cutting and drilling semiconductor wafers and many other materials, including metal, plastic or glass. RAYLASE also develops and manufactures intelligent solutions with machine vision for the setup, automation and monitoring of laser processes and for additive manufacturing.

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