Princeton Optronics Announces VCSEL based miniature line generator for machine vision and consumer electronics applications

Picture of a Princeton Optronics VCSEL based line generator

Picture of a Princeton Optronics VCSEL based line generator


June 17, 2015

Princeton Optronics Inc. announces the availability of a VCSEL based miniature line generator. The wavelength of the line generator is in the 820-840nm range, has a 20mW CW power output, a fan angle of 80 degrees, line uniformity of 75-85%, a 1/e2 linewidth of 2.5mm at a distance of 50 cm. The size of the line generator is 4x6x5mm. Such products can be made using Princeton Optronics VCSELs at wavelengths from red to 1064nm, with output power up to several hundred mW. The line generators are used in applications such as machine vision, consumer electronics and instrumentation.

Princeton Optronics is a manufacturer of high power single and multi-mode VCSELs and VCSEL arrays, and VCSEL pumped solid state lasers and has a diverse range of products suitable for many high power laser applications including illumination, sensing, and solid state laser pumping. We have the highest power (>200W CW and 1kW in QCW from a single 5x5mm array) and highest efficiency level (>63%) in the VCSEL industry.

For more information visit: www.princetonoptronics.com