LightWorks Optical Systems, Inc. Begins Lot IV Project Work for Maskless Lithography, Inc.

Photo: LightWorks Optical Systems

Photo: LightWorks Optical Systems


Murrieta, CA – July 9, 2013 – LightWorks Optical Systems, Inc., a leading provider of high precision optical assemblies, objectives, optics, thin film coatings and optical materials, has begun work on Lot IV of a production contract for specialized optics that will be used by Maskless Lithography, Inc.

The San Jose, California-based manufacturer of advanced direct-write digital imaging technology for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry will integrate the high precision, telecentric projection lenses designed by LightWorks Optical Systems into their newest line of imaging equipment recently developed by the company.

Maskless Lithography’s Chief Executive Officer, William Elder, stated, “We are very pleased to have an optical development partnership with LightWorks Optical Systems. Their unique expertise helped provide significant cost and performance improvements to our manufacturing process, which has already made a positive impact on production yields.”

Maskless lithography technology offers the highest throughput in the PCB industry, due to its unique digital UV imaging capability that allows circuit designs to be traced and printed directly to the resist on copper-plated PCB substrates. With no special cleanrooms needed during production, maskless lithography offers best-in-class registration and the fastest return on investment.

“We are delighted to be a collaborative partner with Maskless Lithography,” adds LightWorks Optical System’s Vice President of Engineering, Kent Weed. “We are confident that our combined design and production synergies will provide continued advancements to their leading-edge PCB manufacturing over the next several years.” For more information about LightWorks Optical Systems, Inc., please visit LightWorks Optical Systems new website at www.lwos.com.

About LightWorks Optical Systems
LightWorks Optical Systems, Inc. (LWOS) is a leading provider of high precision optical assemblies, objectives, optics, thin film coatings and optical materials. LWOS has more than 50 years of heritage in IR materials manufacturing and provides vertical integration from materials to optical assemblies. LightWorks Optics, Inc. was recently acquired by II-VI Incorporated and has merged operations with Exotic Electro-Optics, also a subsidiary of II-VI Inc. The combined company now operates as LightWorks Optical Systems, with facilities located in Murrieta and Tustin, California. The company’s award-winning design, engineering, and production capabilities are meeting the complex optical needs of customers in the medical, defense, aerospace, and commercial industries. LWOS is ISO-9001/AS9100/ISO13485 Registered.

For more information visit www.lwos.com.

About Maskless Lithography
Maskless Lithography designs and manufactures direct-write lithography production equipment for high-yield PCB manufacturing. The global PCB industry is transitioning from conventional contact printing to digital lithography solutions. Maskless’ second generation, direct-write, imaging solutions continue to gain traction due to their ability to direct write at twice the throughput of competing digital technologies like LDI. Maskless Lithography delivers “digital imaging at production speeds”® for PCB makers worldwide. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company has operations throughout Asia, and North America. For more information, visit www.maskless.com.