FLIR releases state-of-the art upgrades to OEM camera cores

Tau 2 and Quark 2 now feature radiometry and enhanced image processing.

FLIR Quark 2

FLIR Quark 2


Portland, OR – May 5, 2014 - FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) announces ground-breaking upgrades to its Tau™ and Quark™ OEM camera core products. The latest versions, called Tau™ 2 and Quark™ 2, provide powerful new features for existing and future solutions, including new radiometric capabilities.

Tau™ 2 is the industry’s leading thermal camera core for such devices as Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs), thermal weapon sights, and handheld imagers. This latest version offers increased sensitivity (<30mK), options for 640/60Hz frame rates, and a new suite of powerful, manually set image processing modes that dramatically improve detail and contrast.

The smaller Quark™ 2 is the industry leader in terms of size, weight and power (SWaP). It utilizes the same sensor as Tau 2, only with Silent Shutterless Non-uniformity Correction ™ (SSN). It also supports options for 640/60Hz frame rates, and the same suite of image processing modes as Tau 2.

The most exciting advancement, however, is that Tau 2 and Quark 2 now offer built in temperature measurement for radiometry, analytics and telemetry. This is a first in the industry, particularly for a small, shutterless LWIR camera like the Quark 2. Users can set isotherm thresholds in the grey scale to colorize temperatures of interest in the gray scale (e.g. a people finder).

FLIR Tau 320 - 19mm Lens
FLIR Tau 320 - 19mm Lens

FLIR’s OEM group has an established reputation as a merchant supplier of thermal cores to an increasingly expanding market. It introduced the industry’s first small microbolometer camera (the Alpha) in 1999 and has since introduced five industry-leading successor products, Omega ™, Photon™, Tau™, Quark™ and Lepton™.

To learn more, visit www.flir.com/cvs/cores/.