Alluxa announces a new line of high performance durable hard coated, mid-IR bandpass filters and multi-bandpass filters

Featuring ultra-high transmission and no measurable absorption in the water band.

Alluxa filters

Alluxa filters


July 15, 2013

The new mid-IR filters will enable the production of bandpass, multi-bandpass, and notch filters with Alluxa's characteristic high transmission and steep slopes. A unique aspect of these filters and coatings is that they exhibit virtually no absorption in the water band. This makes very high transmission filters possible at every wavelength between 2.5 um and 5.0 um. In addition to high performance optical characteristics, these new mid-IR filters have completed the rigorous MIL - 810G Humidity Testing Procedure to ensure the durability and versatility of the coatings in end use applications.

The mid-IR filters are the latest innovation in the Ultra product line to come from Alluxa's novel plasma hard coating process and should offer performance improvements and new design options in wide ranging applications from gas sensing, chemical monitoring, and night vision, to LIDAR and FTIR Spectroscopy.

A new whitepaper in the Learning Center on Alluxa's website discusses these filters in detail. Please contact us to create Ultra high performance IR filters for your application needs.

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