Fully Characterize a 40-Port ROADM in Less Than 5 Seconds

Twice as Fast as Competing Solutions

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jdsu mSWS

Dec 07, 2011

Throughput is the No. 1 bottleneck in DWDM-device production today. The JDSU MAP Swept Wavelength Test System (mSWS ) addresses the problem by dramatically increasing productivity while testing high-performance DWDMs, ROADMs, and photonic-layer circuit packs.


increases manufacturing throughput without sacrificing performance — at twice the speed: mSWS enables full characterization of a high-port-count CDC ROADM and does it twice as fast as competing solutions, while maintaining specifications at maximum sweep speed.

reduces the test-station footprint by 50 percent and minimizes overhead OpEx: mSWS doubles the number of power meters in each test module.

minimizes the CapEx required to add test stations with the industry’s most cost-effective solution: mSWS helps to quickly scale manufacturing with one distributed tunable laser transmitter that can support up to eight test stations.

In addition, mSWS enables users to compete in next-gen 100 G CDC device manufacturing with industry-leading performance including sweep speeds to 40 nm/s, >70 dB dynamic range and wavelength resolution to 0.4 pm. mSWS builds on 13 years of JDSU design innovation and leadership in the DWDM testing marketplace.

For current MAP-200 users, mSWS test integration is simplified by leveraging the broad range of more than 20 modules available, enabling virtually any production-level photonics test.

Use Case: The JDSU mSWS Swept Wavelength Test System lets manufacturers of DWDMs, ROADMs, and photonic circuit packs qualify their performance to meet the stringent demands of 100 G networks. mSWS is the first production test system to support up to eight test stations from a single distributed tunable laser transmitter stand. For customers already using the SWS-2000 system, JDSU distributed transmitters are reusable with the new mSWS system, further minimizing CapEx costs. mSWS is MAP-200 based so it provides a flexible test platform that you can adapt as your manufacturing test needs evolve. JDSU leads the photonic production test market with more than 9000 detector channels deployed around the world.

JDSU won the coveted 2011 Frost & Sullivan Fiber Optics Test Equipment Market Leader Award for fiber-optic test equipment and offers the MAP-200-based test solutions as part of our broad optical test solutions portfolio.

For more information about mSWS and MAP-200, or any other JDSU network test and measurement tools, visit JDSU website.

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