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Nanotechnology supports hygiene in the OR

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TRUMPF TruSystem7500 Photo: TRUMPF

November 16, 2011

Düsseldorf (Germany), November 16, 2011 - Nanotechnology surface finishing offers its advantages for the operating table. In the future, TRUMPF Medical Systems will be sealing the stainless steel surfaces of its TruSystem 7500 operating table system with “NanoProtect”, a quartz glass layer, to both improve hygiene and save labor in the OR.

“During an operation, the surfaces of the operating tables are exposed to a variety of liquids, including body secretions and disinfectants. Their residues have to be removed after surgery and the surfaces cleaned to exacting hygienic standards,” explains Christoph Schmotz, Product Manager at TRUMPF. “The quartz glass layer on the stainless steel of the operating table forms a microscopically smooth surface and exhibits superior properties.”

Versiegelung Photo: TRUMPF

The nanoparticles formed from quartz create a glassy ceramic film just micrometers thick on the stainless steel surfaces. This film has a hydrophobic effect, causing liquids to bead on the surface. The droplets can be wiped away easily and without leaving any residues. Materials such as casting plaster just barely adhere to the extremely slick surface and can be removed very easily. These improved hygienic properties may reduce the potential number of pathogens on the one hand and, on the other hand, simplify work for the surgical staff, because the surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected quickly. “Even aggressive cleaning agents or disinfectants will not degrade stainless steel, having been coated in this way, over the long term,” Schmotz points out. The finish is resistant to chemicals, ultraviolet light and heat, and is unaffected by scratches, wear and impact.

TRUMPF will offer the “NanoProtect” surface finish as standard for the top-of-the line TruSystem 7500 tables. The stainless steel surfaces at the column and table tops are treated, as are various components in the head, back and leg plates.

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