Epson Unveils First Consumer See-Through Mobile Viewer Making Big-Screen Multimedia Entertainment Accessible on the Go

First generation of new multimedia glasses for entertainment away from home

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Moverio BT-100

November 9, 2011

TOKYO, Japan, November 9, 2011 - Anticipating future growth in demand for wearable, portable devices for entertainment and enterprise, Epson has unveiled its first generation of see-through multimedia glasses. The Moverio BT-100 offers the ability to watch a variety of content through transparent lenses, ensuring users can remain aware of their surroundings, while viewing content in total privacy.

The pocket-sized control unit with its Android™ 2.2 platform offers web browsing capability allowing users to watch a variety of content from most websites including MPEG 4 videos, files or applications and side by side 3D viewing on the move. As well as powering the BT-100, this smartphone-sized box has dedicated buttons for common functions and a touch-sensitive trackpad for ease of use.

Developed with travel environments in mind, the Moverio BT-100 draws from Epson's expertise in imaging technologies and delivers a perceived image equivalent to that of a 320-inch display viewed from 20 meters away. The QHD display resolution, which equals to a quarter of Full HD, ensures that the experience is similar to watching a big-screen projection, even in confined environments such as aeroplanes and trains.

The Moverio BT-100 is very easy to use and comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, control unit, detachable headphones, 4GB SD card, internal1GB memory and a carry case.

Valerie Riffaud-Cangelosi, senior business manager at Epson Europe said: "As a business, Epson is focused on innovation and identifying and catering for future technology trends - and we are particularly excited about the opportunities for bringing wearable see-through technology to market. This wearable content viewing device offers users the opportunity to watch content on the go, without being cut off from their surrounding environment.

"The BT-100 is the first generation of this kind of innovative conceptual product that we are committed to developing further and delivering real customer value."

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