Non-Polarizing Beam Splitter’s from Abrisa Technologies Reflect and Transmit Mirror Images

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Plate Beam Splitter

February 1, 2012

Santa Paula, CA – Abrisa Technologies designs and manufactures durable, light weight, non-polarizing plate beam splitters or optical mirrors for those applications where image polarization must be maintained across multiple optical paths. Beam splitter plates from Abrisa Technologies are available in various levels of transmittance and reflectance. Non-polarizing beam splitters greatly reduce the polarizing effect; in fact, they typically have less than half the polarizing effect of a standard beam splitter.

Typical applications include:
• Broadcasting equipment (teleprompters)
• 3D camera rigs
• Photographic equipment
• Laser equipment
• Measuring instruments
• Flight simulators
• Information displays and screens

The color neutral non-polarizing beam splitter plates from Abrisa Technologies have one surface coated with a hybrid multi-layer film for transmittance/reflectance values and the second surface has a thin film anti-reflective coating applied to reduce ghost or double images. They exhibit superior flatness and are more tolerant of large field angles. The manufacturing process used by Abrisa Technologies insures a low absorption rate of 5% typical.

Non-Polarizing Plate Beam Splitter Specifications:

1-side Anti-Reflective Coated
• Angle of Incidence: 45°
• Reflectance: <1.25% at 450-650nm (typical)

Opposite side coated with a hybrid multi-layer film beam splitter
• Angle of Incidence: 45°
• Reflectance/Transmittance: 48% ±10.0% at 450-650nm (typical)

Substrate Material: Soda Lime, Borofloat, Fused Silica and host of other optical glasses
Thicknesses: As thin as 0.1mm up to 5″ or more
Size: As small as ¼” square up to 24″ standard – consult factory for larger size requirements.

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