Opto MaSta - a new approach to material analysis

The Opto MaSta system offers material analysis performance to a similar level to far more expensive market leading systems

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MaSta system

The newly launched MaSta system from Opto is a highly cost-effective, image-based optical material analysis solution for a wide variety of material examinations.

Automated image analysis techniques offer significant benefits in the reliable and repeatable examination of material microstructures. However, many conventional material analysis systems are based on expensive, high performance microscopes which can be overloaded with complex, non-essential features and over specified components. This can make such systems prohibitively expensive capital purchases.

In many cases, the material analysis requirements of industry are far simpler. Above all, users demand cost efficiency and ease of use whilst retaining high performance and the versatility to adapt to their many different material analysis applications.
Opto has a long heritage in the development of cost effective, high performance instruments.
Its new MaSta system offers a new economical solution to material analysis professionals by reducing to the needs of industry, in combining a powerful yet simple software suite with a high quality video based optical system.

The technical design of the MaSta system is the result of detailed feedback from users who identify 3 main attributes for such a system:
1. Ease of use, 2. Quality optics and Illumination, and 3. Powerful, yet ,user friendly software application. The Opto MaSta system meets these requirements perfectly, by focusing only on the essential components and omitting unnecessary system parts in order to keep the overall system cost down.
The result is an economical combination of high definition video microscopy and versatile illumination coupled to Opto's powerful MaSta software suite.
The Opto MaSta system offers material analysis performance to a similar level to far more expensive market leading systems, but critically, in a more flexible, simpler, and far lighter package and at a much lower cost level.

As standard, the included MaSta software application offers professional-grade image analysis including Pore-, Phase- and Grain-size analysis to the many national and international measuring standards which are included with the package.
For increased productivity, the MaSta package also includes an integrated report generator, able to instantly format statistical overviews of analysed micro structures. Manual measurements and annotation on images are also easily achieved.
The MaSta ships as a complete system, and includes the high resolution optical system, a comprehensive set of micro objectives, USB camera, and MaSta software suite.

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