New Infrared Technologies launches the first IR VPD Pbse detectors processed on 8-inch diameter (200-mm) Silicon substrates

The migration phase to manufacturing in 8” Si-wafers has been successfully completed

Press Release



Madrid, July 15th 2011New Infrared Technologies has completed with success the adaptation of the production line and manufacturing processes to obtain VPD PbSe detectors using silicon substrates of 8-inch diameter.

During the set-up phase, several and significant modifications to the method of manufacturing VPD PbSe detectors were introduced. These changes in the process allow a decrease in the involved temperatures when processing the active material, while reaching a quantitative improvement of the production yield.

These changes will guarantee the full compatibility of the Low Temperature VPD PbSe process (LT-VPD PbSe) with the CMOS technology, which will allow the ROIC integration and the production of larger format, even faster, and low power consumption Focal Plane Arrays in the mid-term, while keeping its main characteristics of detection in 1 – 5 microns MWIR range, uncooled performance at room temperature, and ultrafast detection.

The new generation of FPA will bring uncooled IR detection beyond the current limitations in terms of speed and high-resolution imaging, whereas offering multiple and innovative solutions for the civilian, industrial and military applications.

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