EKB Technologies Ltd. Will Present New Laser DLP Illumination Engines at Photonics West 2012

By Yuval Kapellner Rabinovitz

New Laser DLP Illumination Engine

December 26, 2011

EKB Technologies Ltd. (EKB) developed a unique illumination add-on they call LASER BEAMER that is specially designed for TI's advanced DLP development platforms, and will be launched with a presentation at Photonics West 2012 at a Texas Instruments booth (2415) this January 24-26 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

The LASER BEAMER is designed to provide users with the ability to boost up their development time by eliminating the need to perform laboratory optical bench development –often necessary in order to learn how to operate the DLP engine prior to the actual development stage.


LASER BEAMER for Light Commander Development Platform:

The DLP Light Commander platform is a laboratory projection engine that allows users to quickly evaluate new concepts. Its original product consists of VIS and NIR LEDs which serve as illumination sources. The platform itself is primarily designed for structured light applications and consists of a DMD spatial light modulator (0.55" DMD), having an XGA resolution with a capability of delivering a high frame rate of up to 5 KHz of binary data. An additional sync feature is included to allow synchronization with external components such as cameras and can be fully controlled with user friendly software that comes along with the DLP Light Commander.

LASER BEAMER is designed to replace the standard IR LED with a coherent IR light source for improving the depth of field which is often required by customers who wish to use the DLP platform as a pattern generator in 3D modeling applications (esp. volume measurements, structured light). Compatibility and ease of installation was given careful consideration as part if its design since one module exclusively replaces the IR LED without additional user modification and adjustments to the optical components in the original optical path.
LASER BEAMER is compatible with the existing LED interface and driving electronics which makes its operation user friendly.


Yuval Kapellner Rabinovitz, EKB's CTO, stated that the module incorporates a speckle attenuating mechanism designed to reduce the speckle interferences that naturally appear when using a coherent light source in optical projection systems.

LASER BEAMER for Discovery 4100 Professional Development Platform (D4100):

The D4100 is a professional DLP platform specifically designed for professional users. The Kit includes a stand alone DMD (Digital Mirror Device) which can be implemented in either test benches or products.

Although the D4100 allows high design flexibility, the development stage can be time consuming for some users since it is not a PnP platform. Customers often realize the need to build a setup for the purpose of learning how to operate the D4100 kit and experiment with the optical integration of the SLM before creating their own system design.

LASER BEAMER is designed to significantly cut down development time by avoiding assembly of a learning test bench. The user can quickly install the DMD board inside the LASER BEAMER PnP box to instantly produce monochrome laser images. The benefit of using a coherent light source to obtain an extended depth of field naturally exists in this module as well.

The module EKB Technologies is going to present at the exhibition is a RED version at 650nm designed to work with 0.7" DMD (XGA resolution). According to EKB, new variants are going to be launched to support other DMD types (the 0.55" DMD XGA and 0.95 DMD 1080p).

EKB has also made it easy for a user to replace the laser inside the LASER BEAMER module to allow the user to quickly switch between different illumination wavelengths. For example, a user can operate the LASER BEAMER at 650nm (RED) and later switch to 808nm (NIR) by a simple disengagement and replacement of the installed illumination module.

D4100 Laser Beamer

The LASER BEAMER will enable users to immediately begin working with the modules for either learning purposes or developing direct implementation in their system. EKB noted that they will have NIR, RED, UV, BLUE, and GREEN sources available for LASER BEAMERS. Different applications could benefit from the new modules such as machine vision, structured light, and rapid prototyping (UV) which also seems to be a hot topic these days as many new developers are searching for faster ways to build 3D printing prototypes.

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Yuval Kapellner Rabinovitz, Founder and CTO of EKB Technologies LTD
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