ProPhotonix extends COBRA CURE FX Series with 16 W/cm2 Higher Power Fan-cooled UV Curing System

Compact, UV LED Solution featuring an innovative configurable design, stackable and other unique features

COBRA Cure FX3 UV LED Curing System

COBRA Cure FX3 UV LED Curing System


September 6, 2016

ProPhotonix Limited, (London Stock Exchange - AIM: PPIX; OTC: STKR), a high technology designer and manufacturer of LED illumination systems and laser diode modules, announces the COBRA Cure FX3, an extension to its UV LED Curing systems. The COBRA Cure FX3 is the highest intensity air cooled product in ProPhotonix' UV family. 

The COBRA Cure FX3 follows from the previously announced COBRA Cure FX1, which produces a uniform line with a peak irradiance of 6 W/cm2 and peak energy density (dose) of 5 J/cm2 and the COBRA Cure FX2, which produces a uniform line with a peak irradiance of 8.4 W/cm2 and energy densities up to 17.5 J/cm2. The COBRA Cure FX3 delivers best-in-class intensities up to 16 W/cm2 and energy densities up to 42 J/cm2.

The COBRA Cure FX3 is scalable without any drop in intensity from module to module ensuring consistent edge-to-edge illumination. The design is unique incorporating surge protection, LED segment control, and power control between 5% and 100%. The control of each LED segment is designed to monitor and drive each LED segment providing consistent intensity control across the entire illumination area. Wavelength options include 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, and 405nm configurations as well as integrated multi-wavelength options.

Tim Losik, CEO and President of ProPhotonix, said “ProP hotonix (IRL) Limited has been a pioneer in LED technology since 1994 and a provider of UV LED solutions since 2006. As an early adopter of LED chip-on-board technology, ProPhotonix provides high intensity illumination across all LED wavelengths - including UV. The FX3 adds to our broad range of UV LED products providing more illumination options for our customers. Estimates are that market demand for UV LED systems will grow at nearly 40% per annum through 2019 to $500 million. We are uniquely positioned to significantly participate in this high growth market and deliver ongoing enhancements to our customers.”

For more information about COBRA Cure FX3, visit www.prophotonix.com/products/UV-Solutions.

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