FRAMOS and PYXALIS Expand Cooperation Worldwide for High Performance Custom Image Sensors

Image sensor

Image sensor


Munich, July 26, 2017 - FRAMOS as a leading global image sensor distributor, and PYXALIS, as an advanced custom image sensor supplier, have extended their collaboration. FRAMOS has been working with PYXALIS for several years and, after a very productive relationship, have entered into a formal agreement. This partnership provides FRAMOS partners with fully customized, high performance sensors, including sensor specification elaboration support, sensor architecture, design, prototyping, validation, industrialization and manufacturing using the best silicon imaging technologies worldwide. This technology partnership significantly enhances FRAMOS’ imaging solutions portfolio which includes Sony, ON Semiconductor, and Teledyne e2v.

Image sensor technology is a highly-developed field where a great number of manufacturers provide the market with thousands of sensor varieties for most off-the-shelf applications. However, for high performance systems in the fields of Automotive, Consumer, Medical and Security, sometimes a custom design is required. PYXALIS, having already created custom sensors in these industries, represents an interesting alternative to currently established sensors with capabilities in time of flight, super low noise pixels, processor based SOCs and very-high-speed, or high dynamic architectures. Camera manufacturers with the goal of creating premium products with more added value strive for customization, too. In addition, for consumer grade products, customization is a must for companies who want to differentiate themselves from competitors with an exclusive sensor.

Sebastien Dignard, President of FRAMOS Technologies Inc., expresses the importance of the cooperation with custom sensor specialist PYXALIS: “In this day and age, as technology is rapidly changing in the sensor space, we are happy to partner with PYXALIS to offer our customers more options to suit their sensor needs. Our business innovation and coverage make this agreement a great complement to the FRAMOS portfolio to support our customers along the complete imaging value chain from now, as well as customized sensors to complete systems.”

“We’re delighted to work with FRAMOS Technologies in Europe and North America. As a 7-year-old company supplying custom image sensors, we’ve built successful partnerships with customers in many applications from niche markets (aerospace, scientific, defense) to medium volume (industrial, medical) and consumer markets (biometrics, automotive). Thanks to this cooperation with FRAMOS, it is now time to reach a larger market and to provide our capabilities and technologies to a greater number of customers.” says Philippe Rommeveaux, PYXALIS’s President and CEO.

The FRAMOS industry and product experts, with an in-depth knowledge from sensor to system, provide a full portfolio of imaging components and additional services like consulting and logistics, to the support of customers to obtain the benefit of customized sensors for their applications and projects.

About PYXALIS (France):

PYXALIS is a supplier specializing in advanced custom and semi-custom CMOS image sensors that serve a wide range of applications from niche markets to high volume markets. PYXALIS can supply imaging products combining excellent performance (high dynamic, speed, sensitivity, low noise…) in global and rolling shutter pixel architectures. In addition, they can supply a high level of digital integration to ensure flexible capture modes and on-chip image preprocessing. Our key values are: excellence in performance, design for manufacturing capability, and  a commitment to project success. Funded in August 2010, the company is located in Moirans, in the Grenoble ‘Imaging valley’, of the French Alps. 


FRAMOS, founded in 1981 in Munich/Germany, is the leading global specialist and provider for imaging components and imaging systems offering the full product portfolio from image sensors to systems. Strong brands combined with excellent technical support allow customers to shorten their time-to-market ranging from image sensor selection through camera customization to full turn-key designs.