Embedded vision systems control traffic

The Carrida Cam

The easy-to- integrate ALPR/ANPR software and standalone camera achieve superior detection rates worldwide


06-14- 2017

At the ITS European Congress, Vision Components presents a full range of ALPR/ANPR solutions. The company’s Carrida software engine is in use worldwide in access control, parking management, and ITS applications.

The hardware-independent OEM library achieves a typical reading accuracy of more than 96% for international license plates, including damaged, dirtied, or skewed plates. Carrida reads all common still image and movie formats from memory or file, detects all plates displayed in one image, and recognizes characters with a minimum height of 12 px. It works reliably at car speeds up to 200 km/h. A dedicated parking management tool facilitates setup and organization of access control systems via black/white lists. Accompanying the software tools, miniature smart camera solutions will be showcased.

The Carrida Cam is easy to integrate into existing security and surveillance applications. It runs the Carrida engine and makes any gate system or similar application smart, connected simply via an Ethernet port. At a power consumption of less than 3 W, it is also suitable for standalone operation in mobile and stationary systems. Both a board camera and an enclosed version are available. At 88 x 58 x 36 mm, the rugged Carrida Cam is probably the world’s smallest standalone ALPR/ANPR camera.

Vision Components at the ITS European Congress Strasbourg, France, 19 – 22 June 2017 Stand Number P8