The SuperK MIR laser

The SuperK MIR laser


26. June 2017

With their ultra-broad spectrum, diffraction-limited beam quality and robust fiber architecture, supercontinuum white light lasers have long been the light source of choice in demanding applications from fluorescence microscopy and bio-imaging to spectroscopy and industrial metrology. Based on NKT Photonics proven supercontinuum platform, the new SuperK MIR now offers the same benefits as the visible and near-infrared sources with an output in the mid-infrared.

The SuperK MIR laser delivers more than 450 mW of continuous light from 0.9 to 4.2 µm. The source features a monolithic all-fiber architecture ensuring stability and maintenance-free operation over thousands of hours. The mid-infrared light is fiber delivered through a broadband collimator, offering great flexibility and easy use.

Like other sources from NKT Photonics, the laser is ready as soon as you switch it on and is easy to operate through NKT Photonics unified laser control software, CONTROL.

Supercontinuum Product Line Manager Jesper Toft Olsen adds: “At NKT Photonics, we have built mid-infrared supercontinuum lasers for a number of years for selected customers, and we are excited to now release a source worthy of the SuperK brand, that lives up to our strict requirements on quality, reliability, and ease-of use.”

The new laser is compatible with FTIR spectrometers for fast detection and short integration time across the entire spectrum. Applications of this unique source range from component characterization, mid-IR microscopy, gas- and combustion spectroscopy to environmental sensing and standoff detection.

The SuperK MIR is, so far, released for sale in Europe, Asia, and Australia and is available now. See more on the SuperK MIR product page.