MKS Introduces Newport FemtoOptics™ P Polarized Beam Splitters

Newport FemtoOptics™ P Polarized Beam Splitter

Newport FemtoOptics™ P Polarized Beam Splitter.


Andover, MA – April 18, 2017MKS Instruments, Inc. (NASDAQ: MKSI) announces the release of the Newport FemtoOptics™ P Polarized Beam Splitters. The new beamsplitters offer a number of reflectance and transmission ratios for ultrafast lasers with intense pulses of 25 femtoseconds or less. Designed for P polarized incident light and 45 degrees angle of incidence, the wavelength range of Ti: Sapphire laser beams can be split with reflectivities of 67%, 76%, 80% or 90%.  

The FemtoOptics P Polarized Beam Splitters feature a slightly increased substrate thickness that prevents any thermally induced deformation. The coating materials and design have been carefully selected to create minimal group delay dispersion (GDD) upon transmission and reflection. The beam splitters provide a constant splitting ratio over the specified bandwidth and feature low wavefront distortion.

As part of Newport’s FemtoOptics premier optics product line, the P Polarized Beam Splitters are optimized for femtosecond laser pulse manipulation. They represent the cutting edge of optical components for advanced industrial and research applications.

For additional information on the FemtoOptics P Polarized Beam Splitters, please visit https://www.newport.com/f/femtooptics-p-pol-beamsplitters