New Rotary stage with unlimited motion

The rotary stage RA–55–40 achieves bi-directional repeatability with unlimited travel

Rotary stage RA–55–40

Rotary stage RA–55–40 for continuous or stepwise operation with 32’768 steps per rotation.


22 September 2014

With the rotary stage RA–55–40 piezosystem jena enlarges its product line and offers its customers a rotary stage with unlimited motion. With 32’768 steps per rotation and a bi-directional repeatability of 36 arcsec the rotary stage RA–55–40 is excellent suited for applications in research and development, for beam deflection as well as laboratories and industry. The rotary stage RA–55–40 can be driven stepwise or in a continuous mode.

The rotary stage RA–55–40 is driven by a bipolar two phase stepper. A position transducer is not necessary but the RA–55–40 can be equipped with a home referencing. The direct drive construction of the rotary stage RA–55–40 ensures backlash free motion. With the specially adapted controller all necessary parameters can be set up “on the fly”. Parameters include the position, velocity, acceleration and the torque.

Because of the compact design and the low weight the rotary stage RA–55–40 is excellent suited for applications with limited space and for filigree structures. The RA–55–40 can be fixed at a bottom plate via a M4 threaded hole raster at the bottom of the casing. In the moving platform there is also a M4 threaded hole raster to fix customers elements.

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