3D-Micromac receives large volume orders from solar industry for its microCELL TLS system totaling more than 1.5 GW

The microCELL TLS systems use Thermal Laser Separation for cleaving solar cells into half-cells. This process provides a…

Various Organic Transistor Functions Created through Optical Drawing

In this joint research, the group further advanced these findings by drawing transistor circuits on a thin film of photo…

New Quantum Liquid Crystals May Play Role in Future of Computers

The researchers say that 3-D quantum liquid crystals could play a role in a field called spintronics, in which the direc…

Multi-Wavelength Laser Engine Simplifies OEM Life Sciences Instrumentation

Specifically, OBIS CellX is a compact one-box source in which the lasers, electronic control and beam conditioning optic…

By Listening to Optical “Noise,” Researchers Discover New Way to Track Hidden Objects

The approach could help advance real-time remote sensing for military and other applications. For example, it could be u…



Imec Develops Bifacial n-PERT Solar Cell with a Record 22.8 Percent Front-Side Efficiency

Featuring a transparent backside and comparable front- and back contact schemes, bifacial solar cells capture light on both sides of the cell. As a result, they also profit from indirect light, light reflected by the

Bifacial n-PERT Solar Cell

Next Generation Perovskite Solar Cells with New World-Record Performance

The study finds key to produce perovskite solar cells that display both high efficiency (21.2%) and long-term stability (1,000 hours of light exposure).