Penn Researchers Lay Fundamental Groundwork to Better Understanding Optical Properties of Glass

Surprisingly, the researchers noticed that these stable glasses are birefringent, meaning the index of refraction of lig…

Semrock Launches SearchLight™ App for Android Devices

SearchLight™ is a free, online spectral plotting and analysis tool that allows fluorescence microscope users and optical…

Tiny lasers from a gallery of whispers

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New records for the solar cell of tomorrow

By working together again, the scientists team from CSEM, a Swiss research and technology center, EPFL, and NREL, have beaten their own record and cemented their positions as the top experts in this technology - an efficiency of

GaAs/SHJ tandem cells with efficiency up to 32.8% under 1-sun standard illumination.

Australian Blockchain-Platform Launch Cryptocurrency Sale To Change the Face of Energy Trading

Power Ledger’s Token Generation Event Will Drive Global Reach of Blockchain-Enabled Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platform