Vortex photons from electrons in circular motion

Existence of such peculiar photons was theoretically predicted about 25 years ago. Nowadays, such photons can be readily…

Scientists announce the quest for high-index materials

Their systematic study produced results that can optimize the use of known materials for building optical nanodevices, a…

‘Upconverted’ light has a bright future

In a nanoscale prototype Naik developed as a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University, custom-designed pylons that…

20 TW laser installed at Tel Aviv University

PS-OPCPA delivers exceptional intrinsic pulse contrast in the temporal range of 10 ns down to 20 ps, as well as improved…

Researchers create new technique for manipulating polarization of terahertz radiation

The technique uses stacks of carefully spaced metal plates to make a polarizing beamsplitter, a device that splits a bea…



Non-toxic alternative for next-generation solar cells

The Cambridge researchers have shown that bismuth, which sits next to lead in the periodic table, could be a non-toxic alternative to lead for use in next-generation solar cells. Bismuth, known as the

Bismuth oxyiodide light absorbers

Scientists Design Solar Cell that Captures Nearly All Energy of Solar Spectrum

New Technology Creates Highly Efficient New Type of Solar Cell

SolarEdge Launching First PV Inverter-Integrated Electric Vehicle Charger

SolarEdge to offer the fastest AC EV charging rates by supplementing grid power with PV power