Small 120W CO2 Laser Enables Compact Machine Tools

Cx-10 lasers are intended to service a range of high volume marking, cutting and engraving applications employing a wide…

Researchers discover method to replicate nature’s ability to reflect light to develop innovative materials

During this study researchers found a direct relationship between the uniformity of the internal structure and its abili…

'Lossless' metamaterial could boost efficiency of lasers and other light-based devices

Plasmonic metamaterials are materials engineered at the nanoscale to control light in unusual ways. They can be used to …

Most accurate and most stable transportable optical clock worldwide

For the first time, scientists have presented a transportable optical strontium lattice clock which is suitable for the …

NTU invents ultrafast camera for self-driving vehicles and drones

The new camera records the changes in light intensity between scenes at nanosecond intervals, much faster than conventio…



Printable solar cells just got a little closer

A U of T Engineering innovation could make printing solar cells as easy and inexpensive as printing a newspaper

Perovskite Solar Cell

Smart city fixtures

Startup brings solar-powered, phone-charging park benches and digital signs to cities worldwide.